2.2 GHz L-Band RF-over-Fiber Transmitter and Receiver Modules



  • Operating frequency range from 950 MHz to 2200 MHz
  • Available with integrated linear RF amplifier in both transmitter and receiver provide gain
  • Designed for wide-band application
  • SMA RF Connection
  • FC/APC Bulkhead Optical Connection
  • Mounts into equipment or Finisar IP65 Outdoor enclosures
  • Modules utlilize 9-pin "D" male power connector with supply voltage +12V to +15V
  • Interoperable with Finisar rack-mount pluggable L-band modules TX0220BAC5D0NFS, TX0220BBC5D0NFS, and RX0220BAC5D0NFS


  • GPS Signal Transport
  • Cellular/Wireless Signal Transport
  • Analog Signal Distribution
  • Antenna Remoting
  • Phase Array Radar Remoting and Distribution
  • Secure Communications
  • Delay Lines