Variable Gain Dual Stage EDFA



  • Up to 23 dBm output power
  • Triple stage design for reduced noise figure
  • Up to 15 dB gain variation, 12 dB mid-stage loss


  • Long-haul, regional, metro and access WDM networks
  • Improved link budget
  • Dynamic networks
  • East/West separation for ROADM applications
Parameter Specifications Remarks
  Min. Max. Units  
Wavelength Range 1528 1567 nm  
Specifications for Each Separate Gain Stage
Input Power -40 +8 dBm 35 dB dynamic gain range for transient suppression
Saturated Output Power   23 dBm  
Gain Range 8 35 dB Any 15 dB range can be selected within this range
Gain Accuracy   +/-0.4 dB  
Gain Flatness   +/-0.5 dB  
Noise Figure (max gain, min input power)   5.5 dB  
Tilt -2 +2 dB  
PDL   0.3 dB  
PMD   0.5 psec  
Gain Transient Suppression, 
Overshoot/Undershoot (19 dB add/drop)
-1 +1 dB  
Gain Transient Suppression Time    400 μsec  
Generic Parameters
Maximum Total Power Consumption   15 W  
Dimensions (without heat sink)

100x15018 mm
Two 70x90x18 mm

Two separate modules which can be managed as a single unit
Laser Safety Class 1M   For all output powers 
Modes of Operation AGC, APC, pump power control
Communication RS232, I2C 
Option: interface module to SNMP or TL1